Welcome to Employment with the Department of Corrections

Now that you are employed...

In preparation for your FIRST DAY

  1. Review required receipt for rules documents here.
  2. Print the new employee forms located on this website
  3. Gather all of your original employment eligibility documents — For a list of acceptable documents click here
  4. Review Benefits Information – State Pre-Tax | DC Post-Tax
  5. Gather your dependent/beneficiary information (name, address, SSN, etc.)


  • Bring all the new employee forms including Receipt for Rules (See Step 2, above)
  • Bring original employment eligibility documents (See Step 3, above)
  • Bring Social Security Number(SSN)’s, names, birthdates, phone numbers, marriage & birth certificates, addresses of all your emergency contacts, dependents and beneficiaries you wish to cover within your benefit package

Within 30 DAYS

  • All newly hired staff are required to complete New Employee Orientation training within 30 days of employment or prior to initial job assignment for employees assigned to Community Corrections or a correctional institution.

Within 60 DAYS

  • Review Benefits Information – State Pre-Tax | DC Post-Tax
  • You should meet with your manager to discuss office operations and performance expectations
  • Receive position specific training
  • Know time reporting responsibilities
  • Secure business cards & other needed supplies
  • Meet with other staff & departments as necessary

The Florida Department of Corrections is an Equal Opportunity Employer. Certain veterans and spouses of veterans receive preference in employment by the state as provided by Chapter 295, Florida Statutes, and are encouraged to apply.